Beat Back Pain and Improve Mobility at OS Fitness Injury/ Recovery Clinic

Client’s Challenge:

A client was struggling with annoying back pain that shot from their lower back down to their hip and leg. This pain usually flared up after exercising or long drives. They had been trying to manage this pain with regular painkillers until they came to OS Fitness for help.

Our Approach:

Initially, I thought the problem might be due to tight muscles in the hip from sitting too long at work and frequent exercise. However, after a detailed check-up and learning about a past car accident, I realised we needed a broader look at the problem, focusing also on muscles like abductors ,hamstrings and glutes.

Tailored Treatment Plan:

We put together a plan of five treatment sessions that included:

Sports Massage: To help relax and soften the muscles.

Soft Tissue Release (STR): To gently stretch and loosen the muscle areas causing trouble.

Post Isometric Release (PIR): A technique to help muscles release tension and lengthen without discomfort.

Dry Needling: To target deeper tight spots and help them relax.


The treatments worked wonders! Not only did the pain completely go away, but the client also noticed they could move much more freely than before.

Client Feedback:

“I’m really happy the pain is gone; it was messing with my day-to-day life, from working to sleeping, and I haven’t needed any painkillers since finishing the treatments.”


This success story shows why it’s so important for me to really understand the whole story behind your pain. At OS Fitness, I make sure we get to the bottom of the issue and tailor my treatments to your specific needs, helping you get back to your best possible self.