Solving Persistent Knee Pain at OS Fitness

Client’s Challenge:

A client came to me with persistent pain in their right knee, especially when doing exercises like squats and lunges, or even during long walks.

Our Approach:

After examining the knee, I suspected the pain might be due to an old injury where the kneecap was knocked out of alignment and not properly treated. During a detailed assessment, I found that the muscles at the front of the thigh were too tight, while the muscles at the back were weak and not working as they should.

Tailored Treatment Plan:

We started with a few sessions focusing on easing the tension around the knee using:

Compression and Soft Tissue Release (STR): These helped but only gave short-term relief.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET): This method helped engage and strengthen the knee muscles. As we progressed, I used:

Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) and Dry Needling: These techniques helped correct deeper issues, helping the kneecap to align properly.


The kneecap is now much better aligned, and the pain has completely disappeared.

Client Feedback:

“I’m very happy with the treatments. Liam was very professional and made sure to explain everything he was doing and why it was important. But best of all, I’m now pain-free.”


This case shows how understanding the whole story behind your symptoms leads to effective treatment. At OS Fitness, we use a range of techniques to ensure not just short-term relief, but lasting recovery.